Microstrategy bought another 262 bitcoins

  /  Microstrategy bought another 262 bitcoins

The world’s largest business intelligence firm, Microstrategy, bought another 262 bitcoins worth $15 million and added to its BTC currency assets.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, has officially announced that his company has bought another $ 15 million in bitcoin. This Microstrategy action shows the continuation of the strategy of reducing the average bitcoin purchase. With the announcement on Monday, it does not appear that the micro-strategy policy in buying bitcoin has changed and the company is still strongly buying this digital currency.

MicroStrategy remains committed to its fiscal policy and immediately converts its cash assets into bitcoins. The institution announced in a statement on Friday that with the purchase of another 262 BTC cryptocurrencies, the total number of bitcoins it owns now stands at 91,326.

Michael Saylor, founder, and director of Microstrategy, also tweeted about the $ 15 million purchase of the institute. While Micro Strategy used to typically add $ 10 million a week to its BTC cryptocurrency assets, the institution was worth $ 15 million worth of Bitcoin purchases this week.


Doubling the value of Microstrategy assets in 7 months

Taking into account 262 units and a value of $ 15 million, it seems that the average recent purchase price of Microstrategy was $ 57,146 per BTC. As a result, the institution now owns 91,326 bitcoins with an average purchase price of $ 24,214.

In other words, Microstrategy has spent $ 2.2 billion on all of its Bitcoin purchases since August 1999, which is now worth $ 5.1 billion, given the rise in the price of the BTC cryptocurrency. In August 1999, while announcing a change in its fiscal and treasury policies and converting the BTC currency code into the company’s main reserve asset, Microstrategy also implemented a Full Node bitcoin node.

The Microstrategy Institute also invested the entire amount raised in Bitcoin by raising capital in two installments through the sale of bonds. The institution last bought 19,425 BTC cryptocurrencies with an average price of $ 52,765 in early March, selling $ 1 billion worth of bonds.