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Bitcoin Value

Bitcoin has become the first and most popular cryptocurrency, with many factors influencing its price. When we talk about the price of bitcoin, we mean the price of buying and selling bitcoin against other currencies.

So when we say, for example, that the price of a bitcoin is $ 10,000, it means that you have to pay $ 10,000 to buy a bitcoin.
In 2017, the price of Bitcoin experienced a significant increase due to the increase in public acceptance and popularity. It should be noted that the price of bitcoin is not determined by any company, institution, or individual due to its decentralized nature, and the reason for the increase or decrease in the price of bitcoin is only supply and demand.
The price of bitcoin(BTC) fascinates everyone with its crazy fluctuations. These fluctuations can make investors rich overnight or, conversely, blow them away overnight. If you have invested in this market, it is better to follow the bitcoin price, fluctuations, and its analysis here carefully. In the ten years since the advent of BTC, bitcoin has changed society’s view of the global economy, banking, and management, in other words.

Bitcoin price history

The popular digital currency was created in January 2009, a few months after a person named Satoshi Nakamoto came up with his original idea for the currency code in an email he sent to the list of currency code emails.
It took until August 2010 for the first bitcoin transaction to take effect, and it took a little over a year to reach a value of one US dollar.

It was then that the world finally decided to pay attention to it as the value of the coins rose rapidly to $ 36.

It is now possible for Persian speakers to buy bitcoins through the Bidarz platform, although it is also possible to sell bitcoins and convert them into fiat currencies in the form of P2P transactions on this platform.
Of course, this history of bitcoin was not just history, becuase its value dropped to $ 2, and it took a little over a year to recover. In 2013, due to economic uncertainties and official reports from the US Senate, the value of BTC skyrocketed to $ 1,242 in a short period.
Unfortunately, the rapid growth of the value of bitcoin was accompanied by a rapid decline to a certain extent, and that was because at the end of the year China banned cryptocurrency trading and caused the price to fall in a downward spiral that continued until 2014 the lowest level was $ 198.
It was in 2017 that the price of digital currencies began to rise to their highest level in history.

This was the year that Bitcoin became very popular all over the world, and while people were arguing to keep the value of bitcoin at its maximum value up to $ 19750, the price dropped and this trend continued throughout 2018.
Of course, after the third hawking between Quinn in early 2020, we once again saw the value of this cryptocurrency rise to the border of $ 12,500. Bitcoin has now grown more than 75% from its lowest starting point, indicating a significant recovery. Where will Bitcoin go from here? This is a question that time will tell.

Bitcoin Live Chart and its status in the Cryptocurrencies market

Bitcoin, abbreviated BTC, is a digital currency or form of digital asset that ranks first in the market with a market value of about $ 1.06 trillion and holds 59.84% of the total market.

Each unit of Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 56,817 and has a daily trading volume of $ 66.27 billion.

The price has decreased -5.49% in the last 24 hours. The highest price of Bitcoin on March 13, 2021 (13 March 2021) was equivalent to 6,683.86 dollars, which is currently 7.88% lower than then.

The number of units in the circulation of Bitcoin will be 18.65 million and the total number of units will be 21 million.

Currently, the most active exchange in which bitcoin is traded is the Binance Exchange with a share of 8.33% of the daily trading volume.

Bitcoin Value Prediction

Bitcoin value prediction has always been one of the most exciting topics in this field. The sharp fluctuations in the price of bitcoin make anyone looking for a way to predict the price of bitcoin, and anyone with a little familiarity with analysis does not mind making a prediction.

Many celebrities have already predicted the price of bitcoin in the future, from $ 100 and its destruction to $ 1 million and replacement with common currencies.
John Pfeffer, a well-known stock investor, and entrepreneur thinks that replacing bitcoin with gold is a means of storing value and becoming foreign exchange reserves. Although he has not set a specific time for his forecast, he believes that bitcoin will reach the limit of $ 700,000. He believes that if the current value of the entire volume of gold is replaced by bitcoin, the value of this digital currency will reach at least $ 90,000. According to him, from now on, the price is completely up and $ 700,000 has been raised in this regard.
John McAfee, programmer and founder of the McAfee Cybersecurity Institute, is the most famous bitcoin bug figure due to his ambitious predictions.

He has written on several occasions claiming that the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 1 million, which is more than his $ 500,000 forecast last year.

This tweet from John McAfee shows his seriousness in making such claims:
Tim Draper, the American venture capitalist and founder of Draper University, recently predicted that the price of bitcoin will reach $ 250,000 in 2022.

He is also known for buying 30,000 bitcoins at the Marshals Auction in the United States in 2014 from the confiscation of property on the Silk Road website.
He also predicts that by 2021, people will be able to buy coffee and buy coffee, and that bitcoin(BTC) will become popular as money.
The Winklevoss twins stated in February 2018 that the current value of Bitcoin is much lower than its real value and that the currency could grow up to 40 times the price at that time (2018). In other words, according to these rich twins, we should expect a price of more than $ 300,000 for Bitcoin.