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Tether Value

Tether is a type of digital currency that is exchanged with the USDT symbol in the world cryptocurrency market. Each Tether is valued at one US dollar, so it has a fixed price. Tether digital currency is sometimes known as “stable coin” or “stable coin” due to its fixed price.

Other digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Tether, are known for fluctuating prices; But the price of Tether is not like that and it is almost constant.

Therefore, many traders prefer to quickly convert their currency into Tether to protect their capital against fluctuations in the price of digital currencies and to stop losses when prices fall rapidly in the cryptocurrency market, which in practice is almost always worth the US dollar, although Sometimes the price reaches a maximum of $ 1.05 and a minimum of $ 0.95 due to supply and demand, this amount of fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market is negligible.

Consider the opposite numbers to understand the widespread use of Tether. According to the statistics of the reference website coinmarketcap.com on January 13, 2016, the number of sales and purchases of Tether and Bitcoin during the last twenty-four hours have been $ 148 billion and $ 89 billion, respectively! As we have said, buying and selling Tether does not mean investing in this market and risking money, so it has more applications than other cryptocurrencies.

Even if you keep it after purchase, you are safe from fluctuations due to price stability.

Factors Affecting Tether Price Fluctuations


Tether is available as a trading pair at most exchanges. This means that it is easy to access and helps to increase the USDT’s credibility in the eyes of key investors.

Bitfinex and Tether

Tether is operated by a well-known company called Tether Limited, which is owned by the CEO of the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex, in turn, is often referred to as the owner of Tether. However, some analysts have suggested that the USDT may artificially increase the value of bitcoins.

A report found that about 50% of the total bitcoin price increase occurred within a certain period within two hours of the new delivery of Tether tokens to Bitfinex. The report concludes that Tether is most likely being used to manipulate the price of bitcoin.

Lack of reserves

Tether claims that all USDT dollars issued by them are backed by US dollars in a 1: 1 ratio. However, in late 2017 and early 2018, there were criticisms of Tether for not having enough funding to support the 2.3 billion Tether tokens it issued.

While it is worth noting that statistical analysis supports Tether’s claims of enough reserves, Bitfinex has also promised to sue one of its most prominent critics.

Fluctuations in other cryptocurrencies

When digital currency markets are going through a period of fluctuation, Stable Coin, like Tether, is seen as a haven by crypto owners.

By converting some or even all their capital into Tether tokens, they can maintain the profits they have already made and prevent prices from falling.

Tether Live Chart and its status in Cryptocurrencies market

Tether, abbreviated USDT, is a digital currency, or form of digital asset, with a market value of about $ 38.24 billion, ranked fourth in the market with a share of 2.07% of the total market.

Each unit of Tether is currently trading at $ 0.999968 and its daily trading volume is $ 90.56 billion. The price has not changed in the last 24 hours.

The highest price of Tether on February 25, 2015 was equal to $ 1.21, which is currently 17.43% lower than that time.

The number of units in circulation in Tether will be 38.24 billion and the total number of units will be 39.04 billion.

Tether Value Prediction

Before 2022, the Tether market value is expected to be second only to Bitcoin. A report on the situation of digital currencies in the fourth quarter of 2020 predicts that the value of the Tether market will outperform Tether by the end of next year, paving the way for the widespread use of stable coins and digital currencies of the Central Bank or CBDC. 

According to the report, written by Mike McGlynn, the Tether Dollar is likely to replace Ether in the second place in the value of the digital currency market in 2021. The report puts the current value of the ether market at $ 43.2 billion. That was $ 30 billion before Diffie fever in late July this year. On the other hand, the market value of the Tether dollar has experienced steady growth since 2017 and has fallen only in October 2018. The Stable Coin started 2020 with a market value of $ 4.1 billion but rose sharply to $ 15.7 billion in October.

After the latest news, it is difficult to predict the future of Tether. Nevertheless, some analysts are speculating about the USDT’s potential future. For example, JP @jpthor analyst agrees with Krueger’s conclusion that Tether was initially completely safe, but after the Bitfinex issue, it was only 75% supported. According to him, Bitfinex may be forced to suspend its operations, but Tether will not have such a fate and will continue to operate. As for other independent cryptographers, also has concluded that if Tether is backed by 75 percent of the stock, Bitfinex could hardly boast of such a margin of financial strength. Despite recent news, the USDT is traded in almost every cryptocurrency exchange and has become a trading pair almost everywhere (like Bitcoin). It is always equal to the dollar and therefore should not fall as much as other cryptocurrencies. The maximum drop in the price of Tether is not large. The rise in the price of Tether can only happen if your national currency falls sharply against the dollar. In other words, the expectation for the growth of the Tether price is the same as the expectation for the growth of the US dollar.