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About us

At the start, Xapa Wallet recognized the need for a world-class custody solution, for both personal and institutional use, that was compliant with applicable regulation, accessible to users in multiple geographies, and available without hefty fees. We also knew that a foundation capable of meeting our own needs (and high security standards) would be capable of serving audiences across the industry—helping elevate crypto as an asset class.

Coin Availablity

BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies in one wallet available as an Android, iOS and web app.

Key Code Verification

We send SMS or Email verification to verify you for further security.

History of transactions

You can easily find the details of your transactions in history

Our mission

This application’s main concern is to help people who have the desire to keep and track down price fluctuations for cryptocurrencies on the markets. Using Exchange service and Wallet, the customers can compare prices and fees deducted from the user among various applications to show users the best way to follow for profiting and minimal commission. This application also aims to provide an affordable and extra Exchange service. For example, if there is a possible direct exchange (a coin is not supported by the destination) between two cryptocurrencies in a particular market, the application can convert inside and revert the required coin to customers.