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Create An Ethereum Wallet

The crypto sector saw a massive recognition over the past 10 years, and the technology behind it also went through a development boost. One of the areas which received big interest is the development of wallets – hardware and/or software apps that are used to store crypto funds.

Wallets come in both hardware and software versions, all for a specific type of currency, or a basket of supported cryptocurrencies. Software wallets proved to be a versatile option for crypto users to store, manage, and perform various operations with their cryptocurrencies.

Types of digital wallets

Xapawallet is a state-of-the-art multi-currency web wallet, which allows users to access their holdings from everywhere – the platform supports all major web browsers and it’s available on Android and iOS. It lets users create a wallet in just a few minutes, and comes with enhanced security such as two-factor authentication, pin code, and instant synchronization.

Xapawallet lets users create Ethereum wallet, but also supports some of the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Monero, Zchash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and others. One of the biggest benefits of Xapawallet, which makes it among the best free Ethereum wallets available, is the ability to access the wallet interface from anywhere around the world, regardless of the used device, operating system, or browser. Furthermore, Xapawallet syncs all data from the web interface and mobile app in real-time, so users can enjoy a seamless experience across devices.

Xapawallet also gives users the chance to quickly exchange funds between wallets. For example, if users want to swap Bitcoin for Ethereum, they simply need to navigate to the Exchange tab and enter the amount of Bitcoin they want to convert to Ethereum. Xapawallet would automatically transfer the amount from the Bitcoin wallet to the Ethereum wallet.

Meanwhile, Xapawallet relies on heavy security, as the platform is equipped with strong private key encryption, meaning that private keys cannot escape from Xapawallet’s secure storage. Also, users may further enhance their security by utilizing two-factor authentication and pin code for the mobile app. Xapawallet also uses Cloudflare’s SSL connection, which further boosts the security.

Sign Up For A New Wallet

Onboarding is fairly simple, as users have to download the mobile app and enter their credentials and register on the platform. After the initial registration, users would receive full access to the platform. With Xapawallet, once users have entered their credentials, created a safe password, and verified their email, they will automatically create their own wallets.

Get Your Wallet Address

Аfter creating their wallet, users can share the wallet addresses with friends, clients, or whoever they want in order to transfer funds through their Xapawallet. It is highly advisable for addresses to be copied, especially since Ethereum addresses consist of 42 characters, and sharing them without making a mistake can be challenging.The best way to share it is by either copying it and storing it in the clipboard memory, or by clicking “Share address”.

Another important feature to consider when using Xapawallet is the QR code. Many wallet services now use QR scanners to let users transfer funds without having to deal with long wallet addresses. If people want to send ETH to a Xapawallet user, all they have to do is scan the QR code. Users can also send money to other software wallets in the exactly same way.

Top Up Your ETH Wallet

Regardless of the type of wallet, users have to top up their wallet balances. Xapawallet`s app allows users to receive ETH from both internal addresses and external to Xapa`s wallet addresses. Users can also swap funds directly from one wallet to another. For example, users can swap Litecoin for Ethereum, or Ethereum for Bitcoin.


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