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Have you ever thought of bitcoin as a form of art? Of course, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap throughout its history, has been a huge inspiration to different forms of art especially music and paintings, but is bitcoin a real artistic production?
A real piece of art is of aesthetic value. It leaves the audience speechless as the way it makes them feel, they are incapable of expressing it in speech and lack the words to fully describe it to do it justice.
Bitcoin is creative, elegant, and intriguing. These qualities are what make bitcoin a genuine work of art from many different aspects. Let’s have a look at what bitcoin brings to the world.
Bitcoin is commonly referred to as the next huge thing since the invention of the internet, as it is the world’s first secure decentralized working digital currency ever.
Due to bitcoin’s unique nature, it allows you more autonomy over your own money. In other words, you are your own bank as you are the one watching over your wealth, not anybody else, which means no one is capable of confiscating your assets. So you won’t have to worry about anything.
Peer-to-peer network
In order for you to be able to use and transfer traditional currencies/fiat currency, you require permission from governments, financial institutions, or banks. However, there are literally no limits with bitcoin and it is open to everyone. Thanks to bitcoin’s peer-to-peer payment system, you can send and receive payments to or from anybody on the network without requiring approval from authorities.
Bitcoin’s network is globally distributed among millions of computers, meaning there are no third parties involved.
Everyone knows that bitcoin is anonymous and all purchases are completely discreet, but if used correctly. Now, what do we mean by ‘correctly’?
Bitcoin purchases are naturally not associated with your personal identity and can in no way be traced back to you. You won’t be asked to provide your email, name, phone number or any other identifying information when making transactions unless you as a user, chose to share the transactions of your free will, which you normally never would.
Scarcity is bitcoin’s most important attribute. This is what makes bitcoin a work of art! This is one of the many reasons why bitcoin is so special and extremely valuable. Valuable works of art are limited and too expensive, just like bitcoin.
There will only ever be 21 million bitcoins mined, and once they are all mined it’s officially over. That’s why everyone is racing to buy as much bitcoin as they can. Because bitcoin is a form of art.
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